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Never Play Leapfrog With A
Author:                  Frank W. Bosworth

Paperback:                              204 pages
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Synopsis: Set in New England’s South Shore in the
late 1950’s,
Never Play Leapfrog with a Unicorn is the story
of blue-collar New Englanders and their struggles to survive
daily their neighbors, the yearly invasion of summer folks,
the Avon lady, and ultimately, each other.

Written from the perspective of a precocious boy’s sheltered
upbringing, this is a tale of lies, half-truths, and the
outrageous antics of whacky neighbors and relatives.

Never Play Leapfrog with a Unicorn  is chock full of humor,
heartbreak and joy.  Best described by author Frank W.
Bosworth as a "dramedy,"
Unicorn is a quirky story about  
life filled with drama, comedy and tragedy. If you have ever
paused to whine about your plight in life, there is little that
you could have experienced as dehumanizing or cruel as the
hero of
Never Play Leapfrog With A Unicorn.
Best of Bosworth
Never Play Leapfrog With A Unicorn grabs you and won't let go as
Frank Bosworth leads you through his own brand of humor. One
minute you're laughing until tears begin to fall. Underneath the
comedy is a life made bearable by a quick and ready wit. Some of the
humor is subtle and at other times it's a whirlwind and you're caught
in the middle. Worth reading more than once. ****Margie Digiovanni
From cover to cover Unicorn  is cram-packed with the trials and with
both grammar and spelling presented in the vernacular! One of my
all-time favorite authors is Samuel Clemens - Mark Twain, who
practically established this technique of writing - the way local people
Compassion, growth and education of a boy as he tries to unravel the
confusions of life, are all presented herein. And the final beauty of
this novel is that he survives victorious, perhaps a tad scathed, but  
not bitter.

On a scale of 1 to 10 - it is an ELEVEN! Treat yourself, employ all the
senses of: Empathy, Sympathy, and even Apathy (WOW - Glad it was
Not ME!).

Hyland. AD Author.
a non-stop stampede of naughty, heartbreaking & giggle-inducing
dialogues & troubles.

Not sure if it's part memoir or wishful remembering, however, it is a
mad rush of breathless scenes as seen through the eyes of the son of a
miner with quite a lot of profound insights skating on the thin ice of
the insanity that afflicts dysfunctional families.

Wrap your mind around
Never Play Leapfrog With A Unicorn and
see if you can look at your own life, without laughing.

Not all books have to be serious, and  this one could stand up as a
routine at a comedy club.*****__Rebecca Brown_
Frank Bosworth’s Unicorn is a one-of-a-kind, self-portrait of
a child’s coming grimly of age.  Herein we encounter a
comical parade of too many dysfunctional lives etched upon
an appropriate canvas of weeping willow. Sad, unrelentingly
cruel, often artificially poignant, and carefully laced with an
occasional heartfelt guffaw, “Unicorn” is not funny. There is
nothing funny here. We are left with the poor visual of a
small boy in an even smaller dinghy on a lonely beach with
the sound of a single oar . . . rowing. Happily, Bosworth
survives all, never whining, with a loving twinkle in his one
good eye. A worthy read, from the pen of a gifted writer.
*****__John E. Cashwell
About the Author

Always the observer, FW has spent
a lifetime with the notion he is on the
outside looking in. Everything gets
noticed and noted, very little
Needing a creative release, theatre, and
all the boundless expression the stage
allows, found him in his mid-twenties,
catching him quite by surprise.
An actor, director, producer, stand-up
comic, poet, street performer, lover of the
short story, he realized writing was the
one thread binding them, holding him,
together. Writing is the one area he feels
totally at ease with all.

Out on his own early in life, at times he
has had to survive on sheer wit, wily
ways, and wishful wisdom. Where to some
life is a test, Bosworth likens it more to a
pop-quiz. Only those quick enough,
creative enough, witty enough to react,
are allowed to move on to the next level,
experience the next round.

Over the years, luck, fate, and roads
traveled, have put, placed, dropped, a
wealth of colorful characters in his path.
He read somewhere, "Writers write best
So with, "Never Play Leapfrog with a
Unicorn", he has decided to start at the
beginning, chronicling the oft times funny,
oft times emotional, oft times dramatic,
yet always colorful characters chance
assembled to orbit his formative
So sit back, put your feet up, pull the box
of Junior Mints ® a bit closer. The show
is about to begin.
Anyone who lived in an abusive home will not want to relive
it through this book. I didn't-but the writing made it very
real for me. I wanted to protect that boy from his daily
insanity. I guess that's what a good writing does-makes us
want to react. Bosworth is a good writer and I would read
more of his work. ***__Armchair Interviews
Please read "Never Play Leapfrog With a Unicorn.” It is so
enthralling. I read it in one day! The way Frank describes every
scene, you feel as though you are there, as this poor lad goes through
life. Your imagination takes over as you see every scene portrayed
with detail. Loved the book, laughed, laughed and laughed some
more.  *****__Lorraine Smith
back memories of my own childhood, some good, some
humiliating, buta great trip down memory lane nonetheless.  
I think we all have relatives that are a little "crazy", but the
author described them so beautifully. I could picture every
aspect of their appearance and demeanor.  Mr. Bosworth
truly has a gift with writing, and I hope he
is successful in his literary ventures.  It was obvious the
author went through a very difficult childhood, yet used/uses
humor as his choice of weapon against it and I truly relate to
that.  Thank you for a great writing achievement and I look
forward to reading many more books from you in the future!
***** __Sue Carran.
the hardest times in my life, I had the the
hardest times in my life, I had the chance
to have this wonderful book at my side to
help me through . . . I laughed out loud at
Frank's wit and marvel in his brilliance!
Unicorn deserves more than 5 stars . . .
10 stars in MY BOOK!! Do yourself a
favor and pick up a copy of
Unicorn and
have a blast reading it! You won't be
disappointed!*****__Jamie Dorsey
read in a long time. It will have you
laughing and crying, sometimes both at
the same time.

Rather you are a boy or a girl it will take
you back in time to your childhood. This is
one of those books that you will read over
and over.

He made each person come alive to where
you can picture them clearly in your mind
and remind you of that person in your life
that is like that. This book is well worth
the read. Keep up the good work,
Frank!!****__Aleta Boyer
wit and wisdom, Bosworth has a remarkable manner in his
childhood.  A MUST read!  Five stars to say the least!  I want
to see more from Mr. Bosworth! ***** Pat Wessling.