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A Requiem
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Diary of an Old Soul
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More than just a devotional, George MacDonald’s Diary of an
Old Soul represents a yearlong poetic conversation with God.
MacDonald charts, in one stanza per day, the journey of a
faithful heart confounded by the tragic deaths of MacDonald’
s two children.  Diary of an Old Soul is one man’s intimate
spiritual journey through tragedy toward the certainty of
lived faith, where the Holy becomes beloved Friend and
loving Father.  
I found my small hardback version, written in 1905, in an
antique bookstore...its cover slightly dog-eared, its pages its
inward opulence, its vast reservoir of truth and its timeless
expression of God's love and forgiveness make this book a
classic which shall remain ever vibrant and timely. It is
almost impossible to read only one day's message at a Godiva chocolate, each rich daily message leaves
you craving more.

As a fellow traveler on this road less traveled, I feel a strong
kinship with MacDonald's expressions of wanderlust,
spiritual struggle and burning desire to know God on the
deepest level possible. I recommend this book unreservedly
to those who wish to be inspired and drawn closer to the
throne. Buy the paperback and, when you find yourself
totally enamored, treat yourself to the hardback version
from your favorite antique bookstore or online. *****Enigma