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Selected Poems by Federico
Garcia Lorca
This selection has been the introduction for generations of
Garcia Lorca (1898-1937). Lorca is admired the world over
for the lyricism, immediacy and clarity of his poetry, as well
as for his ability to encompass techniques of the symbolist
movement with deeper psychological shadings.

Most of all, Lorca's poems are admired for their beauty.
Undercurrents of his major influences - Spanish folk
traditions of his native Andalusia and Granada, gypsy
ballads, and surrealists Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel -
stream throughout Lorca's work.
These poems were loved by my only child. The sound of the poems
made her kick. Maybe the poems, but probably it was just the way he
read them--in Spanish--louder than he ever said anything. My
husband never yelled, even when he was angry he just stayed by
himself a bit, but he really used to get into these poems. From his
childhood, I guess. He tried to translate them himself, but he wasn't
very good at it. He would probably say these aren't very good either,
no translation is your own after all, but I don't speak Spanish, and to
me these are close to the way he used to make me feel when he read
them. Very lovely, and a little alarming.

I tried reading them to my daughter--she's having a baby in the
summer--but it didn't really make anyone feel alarmed. I guess I need
to learn to develop my own versions.
***** Maria Suarez