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We have decided to add a few, new
members  to our program to help
promote the works of these and
other self-published authors.

These original, first-work
 represent an all new
opportunity to  support and
encourage new, undiscovered
authors at Literary Masters, Inc.

We hope you will click on the links
to their works, read and enjoy their
fine craftsmanship and tell all of
your friends just how good they are.

It's an all new venue that we hope
will brighten the day of all of these  
fine new authors and yours too.
14.  Zach Gasior:  Zach graduated from the University of Michigan in 2008 with
a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a Minor in Global Media Studies.  He has
written many different pieces over the years, from short stories to scholastic papers
to a novel.  He is always writing, and always trying to come up with new things.  He
wants to share his work with the world because he genuinely believes that it is good
and deserves to be put out there for people to enjoy. Here is his first for us. To learn
more about Zach and his writings go to: http//

              "ROCKY RACCOON and the KIDNAPPED HAWK"
2. John Apple Bowman,III (a.k.a. Captain Apple Jack) is a retired U.S. Air Pilot
with over 50 years flying time including two tours in Vietnam where he piloted fighter
jets. As a retiree, he has crafted a nostalgic, period piece of star-crossed teenage lovers
captures an old adage: "Beware what you wish for, for you may get it." Enjoy this
Editors' Choice Award winner. And now,  another page from the Captain.

            "FIRST KISS"

            "THE IMAGINARY BANK"

            "THE TOMATO GARDEN"
3. Melissa R. Mendelson:  Melissa  was a Long Island News reporter and for
Yahoo! Voices. Her works are also featured in several artistic videos on Youtube. Her
poetry and short stories continue to be published both online and in print. "Tracing
Dreams" is one of her best SS. To which we are pleased to add her latest work
"Lizardian" a Horrow/Si-Fi thriller that Melissa is writing for charity.


             "FALLEN HAZEL"

             "KEYS TO THE WORLD"

            "TRACING DREAMS"

             "FOOTPRINTS IN SAND"
4. Su Chang-Wu,  the descendant of  an Emperor of ancient China, was born in
America. Currently a teaching assistant in Theoretical Philosophy at the University of
Georgetown, Su Chang enjoys modern dance and writing. Her first effort "A Coat of
Many Colors," is a short story that retells the legend of a beautiful Chinese lowlander
who travels to The Great Wall of China during the reign of The First Emperor Qin
Shihuang. Enjoy an Editors' Choice Award writing from Su Chang.

            "A COAT OF MANY COLORS"


             "THE  HE  JADE"

            "PASSING HIS OWN DOOR"

            "THE WOODEN BOWL"

            "TAO TE CHING"

            "A BUTTERFLY'S LESSON"
Su Chang-Wu
Short Stories
5. John E. Cashwell, has over forty years advertising, marketing and copy
writing experience, most notably responsible for helping to launch the Panasonic
brand to consumers in North America. A former US Marine and a graduate of Duke
University, John has retired to Long Island, NY where he enjoys writing, fitness
training and golf with his wife of fifty-two years, Ann M. Cashwell. His  SS "Bearers" is
his first at LMI.  Enjoy.


             "OUR STREET"
13.  Alan V. Galloway, Master Chef at Galloway's on Fountaneau Street in
New Orleans makes short stories too. He was kind enough to allow us to post
an original here. And it won our first award for
"Best Message" ***** in a short
story. If ever in "The Big Easy" you are invited to visit with Alan for a great breakfast
or dinner and hear some of his poetry, which he calls his literary desserts. And now
you can enjoy a new and moving short story, "The Brick", by Alan V. Galloway.



              "THE BRICK"
16.  Frank W. Bosworth. An actor, director, producer, stand-up comic, poet,
thread binding them, holding him, together. Writing is the one area he feels totally at
ease with all
. Always the observer, FW has spent a lifetime with the notion he is on the
outside looking in. Everything gets noticed and noted, very little escapes. As ya'll  will
see with his first short story here at LMI. Enjoy


             "MONK FUNK"
9.  Barbara A, Sabo, A former senior lawyer for the George H. Bush Justice
Department, Barbara is the retired mother of five with seven grandchildren. Her
current passions include writing, visiting with her extended family, golf (she plays
Chandler on Belmont Bay.  She writes great reviews, so we are delighted to post one
of her many short stories here, finally. After so many appeals to her literary legacy--
an Editors' Choice Award winner. Enjoy.

            "I BROKE MY LEFT FOOT"

            " BELMONT BAY"
10.  David W. Carpenter, a retired former Senior Vice President with the
Liberty Mutual Insurance Corporation, Dave currently runs a "tight" proof reading
service (Carpenter Proof Reading, Inc.) in Clayton, NC. He also enjoys a good game
of golf, The Senior Games, and bowling with his wife of fifty years Janice E. Carpenter.
He was a great help to us in publishing
Toishan and we are  happy to post the first in a
collection of short stories about his Great Uncle Jack. Enjoy.


11. Jean Ann Morgan, musician, writer, educator, Jean Ann is currently CEO of
her own Interior Design Company located in the horse hills of Bernardsville, NJ where
she specializes in helping owners of old  homes restore their homes to their original
historic and natural beauty. She also finds time to write poems, short stories, music,
and her reviews are always terrific. She joins LMI after much cajoling and we are
delighted to post one of her many fine works right here. Like Jean Ann, an Editors'
Choice Award winner. Enjoy

            "THE FAMILY CLOCK"  

            "THE SILVER BIKE"
1.  Anthony M. Gullatta, a  stone mason and horticulturist, is the son of wealthy
Chinese oil merchants. He is currently refurbishing an original rent-free brownstone
along the East River near the pylons of the Brooklyn Bridge. His current home,
Stonewall Hall, has become the love of his life which he pursues daily with the help of
his wife of thirty years (and his childhood sweetheart) Su-Ling Zhao Gullatta. For
pleasure, he hand carves replicas of the old, historic, sailing ships from the early 15th
Century when China ruled the  seas, writes poetry and even an occasional short story.
One of which we are most happy to post here. Then comes "Avilana." Bring a well-iced
beverage to every reading of this Editors' Choice Award winner. Enjoy!



           "THE DROPA AND THE HAN"                          
15. Chika Victor Onyenezi  is an editor at and a writer with
great passion. He writes of the history his homeland and his people because he feels
that is more important than writing about modern day
hoods. "I think a writer should
be free to choose his story and not be criticized for the stories he makes."  Chika's
short story "A Bleak of Taste" reads more like truth than fiction. Enjoy! And now, a
new Novella: "Whiteman's Blood" by Onyenezi. Enjoy!

             "A BLEAK OF TASTE"

             "WHITEMAN'S BLOOD"
12. Michelle Z. Banda,  A native of Argentina and mother of two, Michelle Z.
Banda is currently a head Anesthesiologist at the Jordan-Young Institute in Virginia
Beach, VA where she assists in knee, hip and shoulder replacement surgery. She is a
graduate of Virginia Medical School where she received her degree in nursing before
continuing her education at Saint Francis Medical Hospital in Roslyn, NY.  She is an
avid writer and producer of numerous prose poems. Her first short story for LMI, "So
Kids Won't Have to Mow The Lawn" is a delight. Enjoy! Here is more Banda; enjoy!




             "WHAT DID THE ANT SEE?
8. Linda and Fred McIntire, are welcome additions to our list of short story
writers for 2011. Linda is a Med student at the University of California Los Angeles
and Fred is a copywriter with WPP Los Angeles. Fred's first SS for us is most unusual.
Linda  promised an entry soon.  And here it is, winner of an Editors' Choice Award for
March. Enjoy

            "DAD, ARE YOU AN ARTIST?"  (by Fred McIntire)

            "THE ANNUAL TEACHERS' MEETING" (by Linda McIntire)
6. Sonya Cast-Sun, is the daughter of mixed parents. Her father is a one time
Filipino welterweight boxing champion and her mother the descendant of a Polish
Prince. She resides in New York City where she is hostess at the Park West Art Gallery
selling works of art by such popular painters as Linda Le Kinff, Emile Bellet, Francois
Ledan, Hua Chen, Peter Nixon, Anatole Krasnyansky, and priceless Japanese
Woodcuts by Tsukioka Kogyo. She is taking acting lessons at the New York Film
Academy and writes short stories and poems. Here is one of her purist short stories
and winner of an Editors' Choice Award for April. Enjoy. Now another.

            "GOD'S WIFE"

             "IN MY DREAMS"
17. Richard L. Sassoon was born in Paris, France DC, and currently resides in
San Francisco where he creates existential programs at his Transvaluations Workshop
an avant guard theatre in San Francisco. He paints too and gives paintings away to
friends. He has taught at CCAC (Philosophy of Art), Naropa, and Vajradhattu where he
specialized in  Buddhist Philospophy/Psychology and meditation. His first short story
for us "The Fly" is mesmerising and won an Editors' Choice Award. We are happy to
add "The Sinking." Equally compelling and worthy of yet another ECA.  Enjoy!

             "THE FLY"

             "THE SINKING"
7. David M. Ackerman  is an editor for Coral Reefs Magazine. He loves the west
coast where he spends his evenings writing and his days researching and
photographing new stories for the magazine. Saturdays and Sundays are dedicated to
surfing and assisting dogs in need at his local animal shelter. Jake, the hero of his first
short story for us, was a rescue dog and won an Editor's Choice Award. Enjoy!


Alan V. Galloway