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The Making of Shinkokinshu
Shinkokinshu--the "New Kokinshu"--has been viewed as a
neoclassical effort. Reading history backward, scholars have
often taken the work to be the outgrowth of a nostalgia for
greatness presumed to have been lost in the wars of the origins
of the collection. But the author argues that the compliers of
Shinkokinshu instead saw it as a "new" beginning, a
revitalization and affirmation of courtly traditions, and not a
reaction to loss. It is a dynamic collection, full of innovative,
challenging poetry--not an elegy for a lost age.
This study of the Japanese imperial court in the early
thirteenth century focuses on the compilation of one of
Shinkokinshu. Using personal diaries, court records,
reconstructs the process by which Retired Emperor
Go-Toba brought together contending factions to
produce this collection and laid the groundwork for his
later attempt at imperial restoration.