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Written in Water: The Collected
Prose Poems by Luis Cernuda &
Stephen Kessler
While Cernuda's verse is vivid testimony to various aspects
of his biographical itinerary, it is in his prose poems that he
Reviewing this work, Octavio Paz wrote: "In these memories
and landscapes, in these notes toward the history of his
sensibility, there is great objectivity; the poet doesn't set out
to fantasize, or to lie to himself or anyone else. He attempts
only to illuminate, with an almost impersonal light, something
very personal: a few moments in his life. But is it truly ours,
this life we live?"

Luis Cernuda (1902—1963) was one of the leading poets of
Spain's Generation of 1927, which included Federico Garcia
Lorca, Rafael Alberti and Jorge Guillen.
will never be famous. I will go on trumpeting it anyway.

This book combines both of Cernuda's books of prose poems. Like a
drinking buddy, at first it seemed a little cranky and maudlin, but it
has turned out to be inexhaustible. Somehow Cernuda knows exactly
how emotion feels in the body, how grief sinks and sensuality
caresses. It is a very humble and generous book--as if he has saved all
that was good and vibrant in his life and now he's giving it all away.